Welcome to My Midcoast Maine!

I'm Lynna, and I love to take pictures. Every day, I step outside my little house along the coast of Midcoast Maine and snap what I see, from birds to boats; flowers to fishermen. It's my way of taking you on a virtual tour of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

(And if you'd like to see it in person, that can be easily arranged!).

#Blizzard2015 art project

Bowl of frozen balloons

This week’s art project consisted once again of water balloons filled and frozen, this time without dye…still in learning mode, as not all of them froze completely…some were just the outer shells…

January 28 2015 normalizes

Shoveling in a straight line

Now that the snow has stopped falling, we are dealing with shoveling the decks and waiting for better light to hike down the long driveway, scouting for trees down or other problems. Once again, my photos don’t do the awesomeness of the storm justice, but it was indeed awesome…

Back to deck light lighted snow continuing on and on

Second layer of blown snow

The snow is so windblown, it is almost impossible to calculate how much has fallen…a foot, two feet? Outside, the as-yet-unplowed snow-drift-filled driveway is under at least 3 feet of white, pillowy mounds…wonder how the plow guy is going to get through snow that high? Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…